3M Industrial Products for Woodworking

3M Power Tool Accessories

These accessories are used on or with the 3M power tools. They keep the tools running at top performance or allow the tools to be converted to other configurations.

3M sanders tools accessoriesThree different size replacement grips which allows the sander to be used by operators with larger or smaller hand sizes.

3M sanders replaceemnt parts Drop in motors allow for a very fast and easy way to repair the 3M™ Random Orbital Sander. The complete motor is replaced instead of rebuilding the motor with individual parts. Filter bags eliminate the need for vacuum hose which improves operator ease of use

3M air tool lubricantA lubricating oil that keeps the tools running at top efficiency. Can also be used in air compressors. The oil reduces the coefficient of friction between moving parts and reduces the amount of heat produced by the motor.