3M Industrial Products for Woodworking

3M Abrasive Sheets

For your general purpose, maintenance and production hand sanding needs, 3M offers a wide selection of durable cloth and paper sheets in various weight backings. These sheets provide consistent finish and long life.

3M Silicon Carbibe 405N • Silicon carbide on an A wt. paper backing
• Engineered for better performance
• Open coat
• Fast cutting, load resistant
• Provides exceptional finishes and excellent conformability for contour sanding
• Ideal for dry sanding between coats of varnish and other wood finishes

3M Wetordry™ Paper 413Q • Silicon carbide on an A wt. paper backing
• Excellent conformability
• Designed for final hand or machine sanding of wood
•• Use for finishing, sealer, lacquer and varnish sanding or defect repair